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> Bakery is what Drupal.org and groups.drupal.org uses for SSO.  However, be
> warned that it doesn't play nice with the LDAP modules and if your user's
> clock is off by more than you session expiration amount they will only be
> able to log in with firefox.
Hi Antgiant, thanks a lot for your reply.

Seems that bakery module works only with subdomain that are on the same
second-level domain, that is not my case... :/

Ideally, i need a solution also to synchronize profile fields (it's not a
strict requirement).

The situation is really complicated because "username" are not unique across
different sites, so probably "foobar" user of "site a" is not the same
"foobar" of site b.

I think that OpenID solution would be better, but all subsites must be in
the same time provider/producer, example:

1) I have an account on site a
2) I log in with my openid account of site-a to site-b
3) site-b asking me if i'm a new user or i already have an account to
site-b, if new site will grab data from site-a to create my new account
otherwise it synchronize with site-b account.

Paolo Mainardi

CTO Twinbit
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