[development] Issue priority

Steven Jones steven.jones at computerminds.co.uk
Tue Jan 11 11:59:22 UTC 2011

Hello Drupal developers,

With automated testing, Drupal 7 has had the policy that a failing
test would be a sufficient condition for the related issue to be
marked as 'critical'. This was according to the handbook page that
describes the meaning of the issue priorities:

However, this was not true. Drupal 7 was released with several tests
that failed, but only in the secondary testing environments notably:
PostgreSQL and SQLite on Linux. They passed in the primary testing
environment of MySQL + Linux.
I think that this is fair, but a failing test should still be given a
higher priority that other issues, so I've updated the aforementioned
handbook page so that failing tests in the secondary environments are
'Major' issues.

I've basically changed this because it makes sense to me, and because
changes to the handbook are really easy to revert. Was this the right
change to make?

Steven Jones
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