[development] D6 Programmatic creation of a custom content type with fields

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The D6 node_example in Examples is the non-CCK technique, and it adds *data*
but not fields, to a node. Presentation and data management are done in
custom code.

If you just need something that CCK can do, use features and CCK (which is
essentially the easier way to do #1).

Both ways work, but if you *can* do it with CCK + features I would think
that would be the best technique.


On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 4:49 AM, <jeff at ayendesigns.com> wrote:

>  I find what seems to be two different approaches for creating fields for a
> custom content type via a module. One is from drewish, where the field is
> first added via cck manually, then dumped with var_export(content_fields())
> and then added to the content type in the install via
> content_field_instance_create(). The other is in rfay's Example module,
> where Randy creates a table for the module in the install and inserts fields
> into it that are what cck would insert.
> I'm wondering if the latter removes the need for me to do all the node
> processing from my module. Also, my content type has one field (other than
> title and body) which is an image filefield with unlimited instances, and
> I'm thinking that that same method would have the field being handled by
> filefield and that the method in Example would require that I manage the
> _fid, _list and _data db content, etc., so if there's a reason why this
> would be a better way to do it, or why the first method wouldn't be, I'm
> missing it.
> Jeff
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