[development] development Digest, Vol 97, Issue 56

Blaine Lang Blaine.Lang at nextide.ca
Mon Jan 24 14:16:22 UTC 2011

> You should probably not be using the DB API to load the field value. 
> Since (in theory) we are able to have our actual field data stored in
> various back-ends, you should only really load the data via node or
> loading functions.

> The node table itself is still reliably in Sql though, so you can
> which node to display via the DB API.

> Peter

I agree peter and that's why I was exploring the entityController class
but did not see a good example of how I would do what I need - return
the body field for the node of type 'frontpage_quote'.

I originally needed a random result and the site is only going to have
10 at most so performance is not an issue as this is a light weight
marketing site, but I appreciate the DB questioning/ideas on the random


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