[development] Using l() function from external script

Randy Fay randy at randyfay.com
Tue Jul 5 22:31:36 UTC 2011

The bottom line is: Make your external script a drush script, so Drupal will
be bootstrapped and set up correctly. There are loads of advantages to this
- mostly that you don't have to track down every problem you find like
you're doing right now.

Alternately, you can bootstrap Drupal yourself, but drush is the best way to
do it.


On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 4:11 PM, Jeff Hartman <lists at jeffhartman.com> wrote:

> In Drupal 6 I have an external script to create some nodes. I would like to
> use the l() function to create links to other nodes using 'node/n' as the
> path. However, since my script is running at doc root*, the l function
> (actually the url() function) is prepending the current directory to the
> url.
> So instead of:
> http://www.example.com/this/that/then-some
> I'm getting:
> http://www.example.com/scripts/this/that/then-some
> Thoughts?
> Jeff
> * later this script will move outside of doc root

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