[development] Limiting the content type creation per group based

mahesh gajabar mahesh143an at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 06:01:53 UTC 2011

I have Created different Roles and some groups. Few of the groups are common
to all the or the multiple roles. Now I have challenge is to restrict the
number of admins for that group based on the role.
Eg: I have created Groups "Developers","Support Tech" and "Testers" for Role
A .
Groups "Team lead" and "Sr. Developers" for Role B.
Groups "Managers" and "HR's" for Role C.
My challenge and need is Role A can allow 1 admin for Groups
"Developers","Support Tech" and "Testers", . Role B can have 5 admins for
groups "Team lead" and "Sr. Developers".while the Role C have can 10 admins
for Groups "Managers" and "HR's". Is there any module to achieve this?
Please help me guys.

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