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Jeff Hartman lists at jeffhartman.com
Wed Jun 8 18:33:08 UTC 2011

I still want to keep the standard user registrations emails since this is a custom page with a registration form for people to sign up for an event. We still get people creating accounts for the site for other purposes.

The event registration page just happens to be creating a Drupal user account at the same time to simplify the account creation process for people visiting for this specific purpose.

On Jun 8, 2011, at 1:19 PM, Joel Willers wrote:

> I might be confused about what you're asking, but could you use /admin/user/settings for this email?
> Joel 
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>> A client I am working for asked to have a special landing page set up for user registration for an event. The registration form uses user_register to create a Drupal account (using Drupal 6). Form works great, creates account and logs people in upon account creation.
>> How do I go about creating and sending a custom email that includes the new account username and auto-generated password? Do I need to create my own user_register_submit function to override the current (seems redundant) or is there a simpler way?
>> Jeff

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