[development] Subscribe to Drupal core initiatives g.d.o

Christian López Espínola clopez at emergya.es
Mon Jun 13 14:47:23 UTC 2011

Hi Gábor,

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 4:35 PM, Gábor Hojtsy <gabor at hojtsy.hu> wrote:
> Hi,
> Well, our current approach is to use g.d.o group posts in the Drupal
> Initiatives group that anyone can sign up for. The group is at
> http://groups.drupal.org/drupal-initiatives

Where in other groups I find the 'Join group' link, in this one I see:
"This is an invite only group. The group administrators add/remove
members as needed."
I cannot find how to sign up. Does it require an invitation?
Thank you.

> [...]
> Gábor

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