[development] Drupal core initiatives

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jun 14 12:31:02 UTC 2011

webchick wrote:
> On 6/13/11 1:08 PM, Daniel F. Kudwien wrote:
>> And now that you went through all of this:  Welcome to the discussion!
> Right. And so that's why it's perplexing to me that you want to add *yet
> another* channel for information, especially one that would require
> weeding through 10+ support questions per day. Ugh.

I read his post as wanting to minimize the channels to this list, not
add another one.  But I've come to the reality that it is impossible to
do with the magnitude of issues and diversity of coders.

> That's the role that http://groups.drupal.org/drupal-initiatives is
> trying to fulfill. It's also attempting to act as a "Dashboard" of sorts
> to find the other channels you're talking about for people who want
> *one* place to go to find out where to find more out about/get involved
> with X. But the group is only a couple of weeks old, so we're still
> working on it.

It would be nice if I could login to my g.d.o account, go to this group
landing page and have an option to follow content to my subscribed email
account.  That is similar to what happens with the project issues
queues.  I can flag the project issues as interesting to watch so that I
can help if necessary or time permits.

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