[development] Module proposal: Site Component Lister

James Benstead james.benstead at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 14:02:09 UTC 2011

I'm thinking of writing a D6 module that will provide a breakdown of the
components that make up the D6 site the module is running on. The purpose of
of the module would be to enable people learning Drupal to see how a given
Drupal site has been put together: what modules and themes have been used,
how they have been configured, etc.

I've had a very brief chat about this with one other Drupal user on Twitter
who commented on the potential security problems this might raise, but from
my point of view this shouldn't be an issue as the module would be "opt-in"
and, more importantly, security through obscurity is rarely a good idea. I'm
not an expert on Drupal security, however.

Does a module of this type seem workable and, perhaps more to the point,

My IM and Skype details are at http://state68.com/contact
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