[development] Different "Main menu" for each people group.

Eric Sepich sepotovich at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 06:59:35 UTC 2011

I was told that I could accomplish my request as described in the subject
line of this email by using structure->blocks of the administration top bar
in Drupal 7. My theme is Bartik. I notice as I went to structure->blocks
that there is a section entitled disabled and that "Main Menu" is listed in
that section. Well I think to myself..... BS! There clearly is a main menu
that has a "Home" tab as well as a tab entitled "Admin" that I added myself
that links to a content of type page that I also created myself. Do I need
to add a block? I just want people that use my site to see one "Main Menu"
and people that administer my site to see a different "Main Menu" and I am
really looking for the easiest most expedient method to produce that result.
What say the group?

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