[development] Git best practices for client codebases

Fahri Reza dozymoe at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 21:03:47 UTC 2011

> On 3/1/11 7:53 AM, Fahri Reza wrote:
>> how about doing shallow clone with
>> $git-clone --depth=1
>> then run recursive-diff on the sub-directories (n=1 is just an example)
>> can someone gives comment whether this approach is recommended?
> Clone with depth parameters will help reduce size, yep. Not sure what

I just thought that if I use this, it's pretty much like fetching drupal 
without the tar.gz attribute (compression), and the benefits from incremental-
diffs from git is not well implemented.

> you're going for with a diff on subdirs - if you mean diffing modules,
> then diffing subdirs really depends on how you've chosen to compose your
> tree - submodules, subtree merges, or plain nested repos.

he he, my kmail doesn't support quoting for now, it's related to the OP's 
  .. our usual practice with clients was to checkout core and contrib using
  CVS, so that we can easily monitor any patches that have been applied,  ..

-- fireh --

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