[development] CVS -> GIT

Ema Panz thepanz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 22:44:24 UTC 2011

On 18/02/2011 16:43, nan wich wrote:
> Okay, now that the switch finally got thrown, I'm left with unfinished 
> module updates and need to come up to speed quickly.
> I freely admit, I am not a super fan of CLI. I used to use 
> TortoiseCVS. I've downloaded TortoiseGit, but am totally lost. I'm not 
> finding a lot on GUI use on DO. Did I miss it? Or is there someone who 
> can talk me through the common module dev functions (off-list)?
Hi Nancy.. I've got your same issues with SSH, msysgit and 
TortoiseGit..but I finally come up with a solution: you can read it on 
my blog page here: 

Hope it helps you :)

Ema Panz
DA: http://thepanz.deviantart.com
Skype: the_panz

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