[development] Drupal 7: is it ready for use? / Which modules should I use/implement

robert mena robert.mena at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 11:58:03 UTC 2011


I am studying about drupal 7 and some advised me to stick with D6 since a
lot of things are not stable or even ported to D7.  So I was wondering if
this is right and which parts would you consider not finished or polished
enough in D7.

For my project I need the following functionality:
a) create forms and the contents are sent by email
b) create forms and the contents are stored in a database for later review
c) create forms and the contents are used to call a webservice (SOAP)
d) create an "area" where a user logs in with a code and password to
retrieve individual reports  Each report is a view to a table where the
user's data is stored.  So I'd have to search that database, filter the
user's records and present to him.

What you would recommend as starting point?  Should I use an already
developed module (which)?
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