[development] format_date

Bob Hutchinson hutchlists at midwales.com
Wed Mar 16 16:58:00 UTC 2011

On Tuesday 15 March 2011, Damian Adriel Perez Valdes wrote:
> Hi again:
> I have a problem. I insert in my DB the time when a user insert a row with
> time() function.
> In my country, don't change a hour yet, When i use
> format_date($message->fecha, 'custom', 'h:i A')
> show the hour but with hour + 1, ej: 2:20, and my hour yet is 1:20.
> thanks.

Install the date module and set that up correctly

You might also want to ensure that your Operating System knows what timezone 
it is in.

Bob Hutchinson
Midwales dot com

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