[development] Proliferation of New Modules

nan wich nan_wich at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 22 02:38:41 UTC 2011

Scott, I hope you can get some historical numbers somehow. When I saw the new 
procedures, I figured it would greatly slow down the number of new modules. I 
certainly will think hard about creating any new ones with that procedure in 

On the other hand, I've had several cases in the last month where I knew there 
was "a module for that," but couldn't find it because project pages are often 
written to describe the "itch" that spawned it, rather than thinking about how 
it might be searched for. I did get one maintainer to rework his project page. 
So I think this should be at least a guideline in the sandbox process - review 
it for searchability. That could greatly help in reducing duplicates, and 
increase cooperation on existing modules.
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From: Scott Reynen
I happen to be in the middle of researching these numbers. Since sandboxes were 
opened, there have been an average of about 31 sandbox modules and 7 full 
modules created per day. I don't have historical numbers, but just quickly 
looking at today's date last year, there were exactly 7 new modules posted that 
day. So the rate of new full modules doesn't seem to have gone up significantly.
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