[development] Two tiered menus in D7 when the top level is user specific

Rob Thorne rob at torenware.com
Tue Mar 22 22:28:03 UTC 2011

It's not really upside-down for my exact use case, which is actual a
financial application -- people actually would want to see their
accounts at the top level, and everyone of course has different accounts.


On 03/21/2011 08:14 PM, nan wich wrote:
> Are you dead set on doing this upside down? It might be easier to turn
> your second level menu into the first level and the rooms into the
> second level. It might make more sense to the users too. Then rooms
> can just be permissioned and the menu will work very easily with no
> mucking around.
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> *From:* Rob Thorne
> I'm looking into a two tiered menu in a D7 application where the second
> level of the menu is standard, but the top level is different for every
> user.
> To make this concrete, suppose the user is a teacher at a school where
> the teacher uses multiple rooms, and needs to order materials for each
> room separately.  Each teacher has a separate list of rooms, but the the
> pages we track -- class lists, crafts inventory, furniture... are the
> same for each room.

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