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William Smith william.darren at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 17:30:10 UTC 2011

> IMHO, it's next to impossible to automate scoring this way of what is
> knowledge work, especially when what you're measuring has so many unknowns.
You made many good points, of which I touch on only this one.  I make a good
business doing Interesting Things (TM) in a conservative amount of Highly
Maintainable (TM) code.  The quality or novelty of this stuff can't really
be measured in an automated way.  (At least without the help of a language
parsing bot who is also familiar with the intricacies of Drupal and the
intricacies of databases, and the [...])

If I implement a full proprietary facial detection and facial recognition
library for use on a site, and it is all contained within a single custom
module space, that, presumably would make for a low score.  Nevermind the
mathematics, the libraries called in, the testing on multiple faces against
multiple backgrounds, the database arbitrage.  Nevermind the skill as a
developer.  There are few modules (one!) involved.  Low score.

And on the other hand, I know of extremely talented Drupal developers who
write very little code but who can squeeze every little bit out of the
modules used for the purposes required.  Again, low score.  For talent.

I like to code novel things.  Low score.  They don't code but use existing
tools properly.  Low score.

It would be very easy to game this system.  The whole thing is silly.  But,
in the end, whomever developed the module probably learned a lot about
module development in the process .. always a good thing.  Yay sandboxes!
(and I don't mean that sarcastically)

Of course, if we could all go back and convince former clients that they
need to install such a thing with our own userid, we would probably do very
well by the metrics.  Some of the sites that I've been involved with - and
most here too, I'm sure - have blown right up over the years.  But ..
really?  How ridiculous and shallow would that request sound?

In the end, I don't blame the OP for being offended by the metrics used.  At
the same time, I figure, just leave it.  It is a sandox module, and good
luck to it.
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