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Fri Mar 25 07:06:24 UTC 2011

> > I'll start giving qp a look , but this community has frowned on bundling
> third party libraries with drupal contrib modules in the past.  Have we
> changed our mind regarding this one?

If you check out the project page at http://drupal.org/project/querypath you
will see that it is licensed to be compatible with d.o.

QueryPath, the library, is licensed under LGPL, which is 100% compatible
> with the GPL. This module is licensed under the GPL.

In addition, from the Querypath library bundled with the module you will

NOTE: This version of QueryPath is distributed for inclusion in Drupal,
> and may be licensed under Drupal's GPL license as well as LGPL/MIT.
>> This package is licensed under the GNU LGPL 2.1 or, at your choice, an
>> MIT-style
> license. The licenses should have been distributed with this library.
>> LGPL:
>> MIT:
Querypath has been an amazingly useful tool for me. After Drupal itself, and
then Drush, Querypath is the next most useful tool in my arsenal. I couldn't
imagine going back to SimpleXML. The code performs well, is well documented,
and Matt Butcher, the maintainer, is very responsive on the mailing list and
queues. Not only that, but he's a pretty all around great guy, going above
and beyond to answer questions and ease adoption. So, in short, as one small
part of this community, I would say, yes, add QP to your toolbox to easily
solve these kinds of problems.


Kevin O'Brien
Drupal Developer for San Francisco State University and Kiva
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