[development] Tables in Themes in Drupal 7

Warren Vail warren at vailtech.net
Mon May 2 05:07:25 UTC 2011

I was just getting ready to tackle my first theme in Drupal 7, and is my
practice, looking through the themes to find for one to hack into being
mine, when I found that none of them used tables for layout.  Now I have
heard many people voice the opinion that tabled layouts (which I've been
quite successful with) are bad, and CSS (which I am less prepared to deal
with) are good.  And in my ages of experience I have, up until now, assumed
that the expressed choice between good and bad was based on (as it often is)
what people had learned vs what they had not, and did not want to have to
bother to learn, so I said nothing until now


Now I see that Drupal 7 (a product I have some respect for) seems to have
none, in those that I have looked into, at least.  Did what I had perceived
to be merely a prejudice of the lazy make it's way all the way into the D7
Platform, or is there some legitimate reason for abandoning tabled layouts
that I have missed (must I finally buckle down to my own laziness and tackle
CSS to that depth)?


Why are Tables BAD and CSS GOOD (keep in mind, I'm after a good looking
theme, and not good looking code, necessarily, since none of my end users
will ever look at the code).  I am looking for some reason other than good
looking code (or someone's vision of correctness) to get behind CSS for my
themes, and believe me "being easier" won't convince me much either.  I'm
guessing there must be some other good reason I've missed.  


What would that be?


Warren Vail


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