[development] The Mestopheles path

jeff at ayendesigns.com jeff at ayendesigns.com
Tue May 3 00:34:15 UTC 2011

I've spent a couple days at this point trying to discover how something 
is being done, without much progress. I'd walk through it in debug, but 
the environment for this site is wamp and I'm equally unsuccessful 
getting phpStorm and xDebug to play nicely in Windows, so far.

A D6 site using panels.  A view producing a block. The panel page loads 
the block and overrides its path (well...technically not, but that's 
what the setting says) to be domain.com/music

Have a module that implements pre-process, as well as registering a 
callback. The path in the callback is /music-xml.   The pre-process 
implementation checks for arg(0) containing music-xml. The module 
registers its templates directory, which contains a template for 
page-music-xml.tpl.php.   When invoking /music, the result is the 
callback or music-xml fires, arg(0) contains music-xml, and the template 
fires. The browser path, meanwhile, still says /music

The problem is that I need to change the content type used in the view 
from music to something else, at which point it all breaks...arg(0) 
shows up just as music then, not music-xml.

I've grepped the code, exported and grepped the db, clicked all the 
clickables (I think) in panels, check path aliases, strongarm ... I 
can't figure out how it's being done.

/I am a non sequitur. Beware, the contents were packaged where peanuts 
are processed./

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