[development] run cron + post tweet

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Fri May 20 13:13:22 UTC 2011

Did you clear your cache after creating your hook_cron (in D7)?

When writing modules that utilize hook_cron, I always find it easier to
add a temporary menu path to the hook_cron (or even a hook_init) just to
test it out. Just remember to remove that once you are done developing &

Jamie Holly

On 5/20/2011 6:27 AM, NubianNattySeydi wrote:
> Hi I am a newbie in drupal module developement, I have my
> website http://seydinet.com <http://seydinet.com/> made with Managing
> News and now I just want create a module who if I run my cron post
> automaticly a tweet with a message telling for exemple "4news item
> added in seydinet.com <http://seydinet.com>"
> So I create a module directory name seydi, I add both file seydi.info
> <http://seydi.info> and seydi.module. I have no problem with editing
> seydi.info <http://seydi.info> but the big deal is with seydi.module.
> I start by implementing hook_cron() then I have to implement the code
> who gonna post the tweet and I dont know how to do that
> Here is the begining of my code
> <?php
> /*
> implementation de hook_cron
> */
> function seydi_cron(){
> //watchdog('seydi', 'my module just add something in cron', array(),
> // db stuff
> if (date('G', time()) == '19'){
> //tweet
> }
> }
> Thanks
> -- 
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> Membres de DakarLug, Gtug-dakar 
> Tel por: 77-512-35-00, fixe: 33-824-80-80 
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