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Thank u :) I want to have "node submit time" the exact way I want, so I checked 
out tokens available in devel(when viewing story node type) and found out there 
are already enough details I need in tokens(like small day, long day name,...). 
All I want is to <span> some of these tokens the way I want in template, I'm 
gonna check out this token_replace() to see what I can do with. maybe finish the 
job in preprocess and then use it in node-story.tpl.php 

Never done this before, not sure if it's even possible to use tokens passed to 

If I'm missing sth or there's anything u can help me with share, It's a lot time 
saver at this point. Thanks for your time :)

On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 5:10 AM, Michael Favia <michael.favia at gmail.com> wrote:

On 05/24/11 18:08, Pooya wrote:
>> Is it possible to print tokens( I can see in Token tab of devel module
>> in a node) in theme? like simple echo or something?
>> I want to use it in node-story.tpl.php
>While you can probably call a token replacement function token_replace()
>they are usually reserved for plaintext user input in the UI. You have
>direct access to most variables required inside the template or
>preprocess function. If you elaborate a little further about your goal
>id be happy to help you do this ina more "drupalesque" fashion itll also
>give you more power in your regular theming.
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