[development] Inline form errors

Steven Jones steven.jones at computerminds.co.uk
Thu May 26 10:18:03 UTC 2011

Hello developers,

We're building a site that has a form in a block in one of our
sidebars. If the user enters incorrect values, the form validation
happens correctly, and errors are flagged up. However the messages
such as:

'The title field is required'

Appear in the main messages region, at the top of the page content,
which is nowhere near our form on the page, which is in a sidebar. The
fields in the form are highlighted, so the user can see that something
is wrong with the input, but the messages are a mile away.

Is there any module or method for getting the validation messages for
the current form in the location of the form itself, and out of the
global messages? Or any effort to get something like this into core?
I'm happy to code something if I need to, just wondered if anyone had
tackled this before?

Steven Jones
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