[development] Passing arguments to Pages

Iain Wiseman iwiseman at bibble.co.nz
Sun Oct 23 04:52:33 UTC 2011


I have several forms which have an display/edit/delete approach to data 

Display shows
Order  description   cost  operation
1         my order 1   $10   Edit    Delete
2         my order 2   $20   Edit    Delete

Delete shows
Order ......  1
Description ...... my order 1

Delete YES/NO

When you click Edit is goes to a new form by passing an array

With forms this works fine and well.

I wanted to now pretty it all up by using blocks/panels and pages.

I have managed to create the pages using bibble_dep_block_info and 
bibble_dep_block_view. I have placed these their own pages and they 
appear under pages. However I cannot find a way to pass the arguments to 
the pages and subsequently to the blocks.

I am using D7.

On forms you can pass mymodule_form/%my_array but I cannot see how to do 
this with blocks.

thanks all

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