[development] core compatibility in .info files

Christoph Burschka christoph at burschka.de
Mon Feb 20 08:38:51 UTC 2012


I just noticed that the packaging script now adds a core compatibility
declaration to the .info file, based on the setting in the release (so
ultimately on the branch/tag name).

Yet the documentation also states that the "core" declaration is
"required" (which makes sense since it is needed for developers to
deploy from git) while the "version" declaration is "discouraged"
because it is added by the packaging script.

If .info files are expected, without exception, to contain a core
declaration in git, then what is the purpose of the packaging script
adding one? Isn't it either redundant, or potentially (if there's a
mistake in the release version) disguising an incompatible version as a
compatible one until errors occur?



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