[development] Was, write a simple field type for CCK, now module

David Hart david.hart at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 12:38:12 UTC 2012

>> This list is for Drupal core development,
> Where, then, should those seeking help with module development turn?
> There's a themes list, but not one for modules.

> John Summerfield

This list was originally for core development. The core developers
have (for understandable reasons) decided that all public core
development conversations should take place on d.o or g.d.o. As such
this list has no real point without changing its raison d'etre.

For what it's worth, I'd be happy for this to be the list that handles
more technical activity than support (e.g. if you're writing a custom
module and are having difficulties with hooks or the API etc) and
accept that there will be some grey areas with the support list, which
could be more installation/how do I do this orientated.

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