[development] Was, write a simple field type for CCK, now module development

Joel Farris joel at transparatech.com
Wed Feb 29 21:50:53 UTC 2012

OMG, we're all a bunch of pedantic buffoons! We've got a mailing list called "development at drupal.org". It gets one email a week. And someone asks a question about how to properly do drupal CCK development, and we send them to another mailing list whilst arguing about whether this list should be re-tasked?

Seems to me we're killing ourselves here, unneccessarily. Look, development is development. CCK is mostly in core anyway, so where does a questions like that belong? In the contrib-development mailing list or the core-development mailing list? ;)

Carry on, mate.
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>> From: John Summerfield
>> Where, then, should those seeking help with module development turn? There's a themes list, but not one for modules.

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