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Vaibhav Jain in.vaibhavjain at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 06:00:44 UTC 2012

Heya all Drupal Devs,

I am trying to achieve something on Views Pager, and I think i need your
help in same.
Scenario is as follows :-

   - My homepage consists of number of views, for the main content area and
   few more in the form on blocks.
   - In one of the blocks, i am using views_embed_view and passing the
   argument too.
   - For the pager of this view, I am using full pager with ajax.

What I want - I am trying to a remove the text "first", "previous", "next",
"last" from the pager of this block only and not of any other block or view.

I have tried overriding theme_pager which in turn removes it for every view
or everywhere theme_pager is called.

I have also checked on different views hooks, and haven't got any success.

Currently, I have achieved this via CSS (displacy:none), but can be
manipulated with developer tools, Hence, I would like to this via code.
Any help appreciated.

Vaibhav Jain
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