[development] Proper place to suggest a new issue status?

Fri Jul 27 18:23:12 UTC 2012

But there may not be a proper queue. I have a number of issues which show up for a module I wrote which is an input filter. For instance, someone who wants to be able to link into collapsed fieldsets. It isn't something that I can fix -- it's not that I "won't" fix it, it's not my fault or problem. But it isn't either that the module is working as designed -- the issue isn't anything to do with the design of the module either...

I'll try looking at the webmaster's queue, as this issue is more about the particular workflow on Drupal, not per se to do with the project module.


On Jul 27, 2012, at 1:55 PM, Ms. Nancy Wichmann wrote:

> IIRC, there is an issue in the Project module queue. But it might be on the Webmasters queue.
> The better approach is to move the issue to the proper queue rather than killing it. You can do that in the project autocomplete box where you enter update comments.
> Nancy 
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>> From: "Morse, Richard E.MGH"
> Hi! Where is the proper place to suggest adding a new issue status of "Closed (not my problem)" (or similar) -- this would be for issues which are not related to the project -- things like WYSIWYG editors adding a paragraph when a blank line is entered (for a project that has nothing to do with the WYSIWYG editor) or other such support requests that aren't really issues for the project they are submitted to...

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