[development] Proper place to suggest a new issue status?

Scott Reynen scott at slicedbreadlabs.com
Sat Jul 28 04:49:51 UTC 2012

This kind of issue comes up for me a lot in @font-your-face, which 
interfaces with many remote services. When those services have problems, 
people open issues for the module, and they're issues I can't really 

I handle this by changing the issues (which are generally opened as bug 
reports) to support requests, offering the support I can, i.e. a short 
explanation, and marking them fixed.

That works well in my experience, so I don't personally see a need for a 
new issue status. But if you do, I think the best place to request that 
is the project_issue module, in which the statuses are defined:


Scott Reynen
Sliced Bread Labs

On 7/27/12 12:23 PM, Morse, Richard E.MGH wrote:
> But there may not be a proper queue. I have a number of issues which show up for a module I wrote which is an input filter. For instance, someone who wants to be able to link into collapsed fieldsets. It isn't something that I can fix -- it's not that I "won't" fix it, it's not my fault or problem. But it isn't either that the module is working as designed -- the issue isn't anything to do with the design of the module either...
> I'll try looking at the webmaster's queue, as this issue is more about the particular workflow on Drupal, not per se to do with the project module.
> Thanks,
> Ricky

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