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Issue http://drupal.org/node/1622856 opened to stop this spam.


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> Español<http://eu1.badoo.com/allahbakash/in/VeH38jUW36Y/?lang_id=7&m=21&mid=4fd1cd6b00000000000300003c154de2>,
> Português<http://eu1.badoo.com/allahbakash/in/VeH38jUW36Y/?lang_id=61&m=21&mid=4fd1cd6b00000000000300003c154de2>or 36
> other languages<http://eu1.badoo.com/allahbakash/in/VeH38jUW36Y/?lang_id=3&m=21&mid=4fd1cd6b00000000000300003c154de2>
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