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Sam Cohen sam at samcohen.com
Thu Mar 8 14:50:34 UTC 2012


I was hoping for some advice.  I recently took over an existing Drupal site
for a nonprofit.

The client currently has a searchable database of a 115,000 records written
in cold fusion in a separate database on a separate server.

They would like me to bring it into their Drupal 6 site or at least onto
the same server.

I can do this in two ways:

1.   As a custom module running off it's own db.

2.  Or I can make it a content type and use Views for the interface.

My preference is to just use CCK/Views for maximum flexibility -- but I
question whether or not it's wise to add a 115k records to the node and
other tables and what type of impact this might have on overall site
performance.  (Any other downsides?)

Anyone have any advice/suggestions?  If it was your project would you code
it separately or use CCK/Views.


Sam Cohen, Principal
New Media Solutions <http://new-media-solutions.com>
Drupal Training & Services
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