[development] Question about hosting project on Drupal.org

David Metzler metzler.dl at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 14:35:49 UTC 2012

I'm in the process of deciding whether to host a project on Drupal.org.   The project has to do with student assessment tracking for primary and secondary education.  It is currently written in standalone php mode, but I'm seriously considering rewriting it as a module that would run under drupal.  

It is open source (GPL Version 2.0) so that is not a problem, but it doesn't fit the drupal project in a few key ways: 

1.  It is written to work with Postgres ONLY.  This is because I'm leveraging stored procedures using plpgsql and views and other criteria, as well as leveraging postgres ability to generate XML from the database. 
2.  It uses Adobe Flex for its data entry forms.  Not really interested in rewriting this portion of the code into java script, but this source is also GPL'd. 
3.  It's targeted towards k-12 school system and wouldn't really be useful to generic web sites.

I would likely be bundling a drupal open source distribution custom tailored for k-12 schools to use this system.  I host 3 other projects that are normal contrib modules, so I'm quite familiar with project hosting requrements, porting strategies, etc.

So with all that in mind, 

1. Do people have an ideas/opinions on whether the custom module code should be hosted on drupal.org or on the distribution site? 
2. Is there a process I should go through before hosting this module on durpal.org? (I already have GIT access for my other modules)? 
2. Is there a process that I should go through before creating a custom distribution and hosting on another site? Trough the association?  Through Drupal.org? 

Thanks in advance for any input.


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