[development] How to change user profile entries

Joel Farris joel at transparatech.com
Wed May 9 16:54:51 UTC 2012

That's it, I'm unsubscribing from this developer's mailing list. It's become a complete waste of my time when I continually read things like "that's not development, that's support, but you're going to have to write a custom module using these hooks…"

Later all.
Joel Farris
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On May 9, 2012, at 5:59 AM, Earnie Boyd wrote:

> On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 5:49 AM, Andreas Laesser
> <andreas.laesser at tugraz.at> wrote:
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>> Hi @all
>> is there a proper way to display/hide entries on the user profile site?
>> Spezial case:
>> If I (as a drupal user) post an News/Event entry it appears on my
>> profile site under "Related Content" as "News". (This is ok if I post
>> only one news item per week, but if you post 10/day  this will exceed.)
>> I want to hide this entry (and maybe some others) for all users...
>> Does anyone can provide me a way to do this so that drupal stays still
>> updatable?
> This question is not related to development and is a support question.
> Please follow-up on the support at drupal.org list.
> There are theme methods to hide this as well as a custom module using
> hook_form_alter or hook_form_FORM_ID_alter.
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