[development] File upload and convert

John Summerfield summer at js.id.au
Thu Apr 4 02:53:46 UTC 2013

On 28/11/12 00:33, Earnie Boyd wrote:
> The OP cross posted to both support and development lists.  There is
> an issue open for the description changes but I don't have the #
> handy.  However, when in doubt use support and not development.
> E

The poster is talking about developing code. If anything, that's OT for 
the support list, where I would expect questions such as "What module 
should I use for .... " and "What should I read?" and I "I have done 
this and that, and it still doesn't work. how might I proceed?"

The current description for the develop list is wrong since the core 
developers decided they didn't even know why they would use a mailing 
list all all and decided to use other means to discuss their affairs.

The current description for the develop list as changed after I joined 
it. I am not happy about that, because there is no alternative list that 
seems good for people who want to know about drupal code (core, modules, 
whatever) and maybe write some of their own.

Whenever you feel the urge to tell people they are in the wrong place, 
treat them as a friend: explain to them why it is good for them to be in 
the other place. And, if you can, provide some kind of answer too.

If you can't do those things, say nothing, because there is nothing so 
unwelcoming as an unfriendly response, and I have seen some here. 
Specifically who seemed unfriendly, I don't recall.

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