[development] RE : Advice on module writing

John Summerfield summer at js.id.au
Sun Apr 21 08:52:42 UTC 2013

On 20/04/13 02:22, Larry Garfield wrote:
> Yes, you are able to give users "bypass node access" restriction, which
> would, I believe, then bypass domain access, too.  Generally don't give
> that permission to people unless you really really mean it. :-)

Larry, on another note, a lot, maybe all, the Drupalcon videos are hard 
to read. I suspect someone points a camera at the screen and says, "That 
will do."

A day or so ago I went through some of my less recent photos, and I 
found some from and Events Management event in Perth a year ago. Someone 
was talking to a slideshow, just like Drupalcons, and I took some pics 
of the screen. I didn't do anything special, just pointed the camera and 
let auto-everything do its magic. The results were fine, even on a DSLR 
approaching 10 years old.

So I don't know what your videographers are doing, but they do need to 
sharpen up their act. I'm thinking it shouldn't be too hard to merge the 
audio with the slide presentation they already have.

If the presenters rehearse (and they really should), they they can 
prerecord the audio and them be wired to an MP3 player in their pocket 
and parrot what they hear. It would mean absolutely no questions during 
the formal presentations though. Or just post the original audio and 
edit in questions later. Or something.

You know who to talk to, Larry, and they know who you are. Perhaps you 
could take it up with them?

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