[development] RE : Advice on module writing

John Summerfield summer at js.id.au
Mon Apr 22 01:34:30 UTC 2013

On 22/04/13 00:33, Anthony wrote:
> I think, fwiw, John's remarks are constructive criticism. Why does
> everyone play the "emotional I am so offended card" when one expresses
> intelligent analytical thinking? This type of thinking can only help us
> not hurt us.

Thanks Anthony.

The idea of using an MP3 player isn't mine, I believe thesnapchick made 
a video about it while ago. I spent an hour or two not finding it 
though. I have a clear recollection of her demonstrating how she placed 
her iphone and cables out of view, even for her video camera.

As I said, prerecording the audio and "parroting" it might not be 
practical with a live audience.

However, they already go to considerable expense and trouble to organise 
these events, organising decent (as compared with pretty awful) videos 
wouldn't add a lot to the cost, and there may be an argument to go to 
prospective sponsors for that part of the program. Or even some local 
tertiary students of videography would be interested.

That aside, making the best videos one can is never a bad idea. Add it 
to your CV, it becomes one of your selling points.

I have not yet made a video, but if I do, viewers won't wait for my slow 
laptop to do its thing, or for drush to spend 28 minutes enabling my 
selected modules or for Anaconda to spend two hours downloading stuff. I 
will edit those things out, and what is on the screen will be there just 
long enough for me to explain it or for you to get a feel for what is 


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