[development] Code or configurations to build a litle web system

daniel echalar dany171 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 01:04:40 UTC 2013


I´m new to Drupal,

I want to build a litle web system with drupal 7, I think that it is a good
idea to use Drupal instead of a Php framework (like cakePHP, or even
symfony), because drupal already has authentication , themes, roles and a
lot of features and modules ready to use, and I would like to take
advantage of that.

What I want to do is a simple web site where two kind of users (client and
taxi) can signup/login.
The client can select a taxi and send a request, so a taxi will reach the
client and do a service for him.

At this point I have unclear how to proceed on next points:

-After creating 2 roles (client and taxi), how do I customize the signup
form in order to get taxi information and client information, and save that
in database?

-How do I get and list of Taxi users and show it to Client users?, in a
Form or some way that Client users can perform a service request to a
selected Taxi user?

-It is clear that some entity/class/thing, maybe called ServiceRequest,
needs to exist, so Client and Taxi users knows that some service request
exists and, for example, the Taxi user can accept the request or reject it.

and as a more general question,

Do I need to code in order to build this litle project? or there already
exists modules/tools that I can use to build the site.

Thanks in advance !
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