[development] Small Job

Lynn lists at stottdesign.com
Mon May 13 22:43:05 UTC 2013

I have a small job I need help with. If you can help, please provide an estimate. I need two rules set up in Drupal Commerce. One to calculate a discount based on a user purchasing 2 or more of the same item. The Discount will be a fixed $ amount for ever item greater than 1. The item involved has multiple SKUs that qualify for the discount. 

I need another rule to calculate another discount based the the purchase of two specific items together. The discount needs to be applied to every 'set' of two items. I also need these discounts to appear on the invoice sent to the user. The checkout process is anonymous only, and the checkout does not go through a payment gateway. Payment is collected after the order is placed.

Let me know.


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