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Chris Miller cjm at tryx.org
Thu Oct 10 18:52:42 UTC 2013

> From: "Owen Barton" <drupal at owenbarton.com>
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> Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2013 10:39:41 AM
> Subject: Re: [development] Theme system

> Hi Chris,

> One issue is that the "base theme" line should use the system name of
> the theme, which is "bartik" (i.e. lowercase) rather than the
> "human" name - see the example on https://drupal.org/node/225125 . A
> new theme should show up in the theme listing page right away. If
> you change the info file after selecting the theme though, you will
> need to clear the cache (e.g. via the button on the performance
> page, or with drush cc) for the changed lines to be recognized.

Hi Owen, 

Yes. You're right and if the human name is confused with the machine name there is a screen full of complains that <human name> index can't be found. So, that mistake is pretty easy to discover and repair. 

Thanks for your help, 

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