[development] Updating custom Views plugins for D8

Erik Stielstra info at erikstielstra.nl
Sat Oct 12 13:23:56 UTC 2013


Although I don't know how stable the D8 Views api currently is, it is the right time time to start building up your knowledge of the conversion process. Especially if you want to share this. The D8CX initiative (http://d8cx.org/) is started to collect and spread Drupal 8 development knowledge. Investigate, learn and blog :)

Erik Stielstra

On 22 okt. 2012, at 14:22, Christoph Burschka <christoph at burschka.de> wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> seeing as Views for D8 is now well on its way and appears to be mostly
> (or even fully) updated to the new core plugin system, it should
> theoretically be possible to update plugins written for Views 7.x-3.x to
> run on Views 8.x-3.x.
> The only problem is that I can find zero documentation on how to do
> that. This
> (http://blog.erdfisch.de/2012/09/hands-introduction-drupal-8-plugin-system)
> comes closest, but it only explains how to create an empty style plugin,
> not how to make it do the same stuff an existing D7 plugin does.
> Anything? Or am I way too early with this?
> Best regards,
> -Chris

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