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You want to different- different sign up form for two roles. You can do
this by "profile2" module in drupal7.
I am giving link of profile 2 module https://drupal.org/project/profile2.

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On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 6:34 AM, daniel echalar <dany171 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I´m new to Drupal,
> I want to build a litle web system with drupal 7, I think that it is a
> good idea to use Drupal instead of a Php framework (like cakePHP, or even
> symfony), because drupal already has authentication , themes, roles and a
> lot of features and modules ready to use, and I would like to take
> advantage of that.
> What I want to do is a simple web site where two kind of users (client and
> taxi) can signup/login.
> The client can select a taxi and send a request, so a taxi will reach the
> client and do a service for him.
> At this point I have unclear how to proceed on next points:
> -After creating 2 roles (client and taxi), how do I customize the signup
> form in order to get taxi information and client information, and save that
> in database?
> -How do I get and list of Taxi users and show it to Client users?, in a
> Form or some way that Client users can perform a service request to a
> selected Taxi user?
> -It is clear that some entity/class/thing, maybe called ServiceRequest,
> needs to exist, so Client and Taxi users knows that some service request
> exists and, for example, the Taxi user can accept the request or reject it.
> and as a more general question,
> Do I need to code in order to build this litle project? or there already
> exists modules/tools that I can use to build the site.
> Thanks in advance !

Ved Pareek
Software Engineer(Drupal | Wordpress | PHP)
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