[development] Simpletest Conundrum

Jeff Greenberg listmail.ayendesigns at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 19:19:08 UTC 2014

In Drupal 7, I have a requirement to simpletest a functional group of
methods... one test comprised of about 1800 subtest permutations.

The issue I have is that these are back-end functions with no UI
interaction, yet simpletest unit test, from what I read, does not provide
the functionality for accessing the db, creating test tables and data, etc.

Do I fudge it by having a menu callback, or by having an admin page with a
button if necessary, so that I can webtest, or do I manually include
db.inc, etc. so that I can access the db, (though I think it would need to
be much dirtier than that)?


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