[documentation] Redefining the "docs team"

Addison Berry drupal at rocktreesky.com
Wed Jan 7 15:16:37 UTC 2009

Some of you may have seen some recent issues where I have started  
"redefining" the docs team. Basically now that we have open editing,  
everyone with a d.o account is on the "docs team" as far as I'm  
concerned and I'd like to start phrasing it that way. We have also  
removed a number of people from the "documentation maintainer" role on  
d.o if they hadn't made any edits in a while since it just isn't  
really necessary for most docs work anymore. In one of the issues,  
Boris started editing the Join page (http://drupal.org/contribute/documentation/join 
) to define things a bit better and I went ahead and did a bunch more  
edits on that and other docs pages to make it clearer that everyone  
can help with docs and that being "on the team" means more  
responsibility and commitment. I have been denying recent requests to  
join the team, explaining how much they can already do, and would now  
like to see people give specific reasons to be added to the elevated  
privileges of maintainer. I'd just like to do more in the way of  
review of the work they have done and see if they have gotten a feel  
for how d.o, the community and the docs work before adding privileges.

The people who do have these elevated rights, I'd like to put in the  
more "correct" light (IMHO) of being the "maintainers" that the role  
states, or even calling them "docs admins." Currently the docs admins  
don't have a ton of elevated rights, but they can access the  
Documentation input format (which allows images and tables) and they  
have the ability to revert changes on the Revisions tab. In addition,  
once we sort out the specifics of controlling placement of new pages  
in the handbooks, that will be an admin task as well. As we head down  
the road of the redesign there may be other things that we'd like to  
have limited access to as well.

I guess I'd like the d.o community to be our "docs team" and the folks  
that do extra work and have higher access would be the "docs admins."  
If we notice someone doing a bang up job we can invite them to become  
an admin and, of course, anyone can still request, we'll just look  
things over a bit more.

So, what do you think?

- Addi

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