[support] Database problem (I think) causing Extended Profile tabs not to show

Cosmo drupallist at dirtsimple.net
Sat Mar 21 13:12:24 UTC 2009

(I am sorry if this is a duplicate send, but I think something went wrong
with the first send as I've not seen it in the list.)

My extended profile tabs are not showing on one of my sites and I think it
has something to do with the database. Here's what I've done.

I'm running D5 and the only thing I've done regarding theming is some very
minor font size modifications to Garland to create my PersonalGarland. Which
I've stored in sites/all/theme/tightgarland.

Here's the debug process so far based on what I could find at drupal.org:

I switched to a core theme.

First, I switched from my personal version of Garland (PG) to core Garland.
Tabs still did not show.
Next, I switched to Bluemarine - Tabs did show, but much of my site is a
mess. (which is understandable)

Next, I have two sites that run this very same PG theme with nearly the same
modules, and site 2 works fine showing all profile tabs (base and extended).
So, I tried this:

1) I replaced the PG theme code of the site not showing the tabs
(SiteBroken) with the PG theme code of the site that works fine (SiteOK). I
then cleared all cache tables. (Tabs didn't show in SiteBroken)

2) I replaced the PG theme code of SiteOK with the PG theme code of
SiteBroken. (Tabs still show fine in SiteOk)

so I'm now thinking it's not the theme code, which lead me to investigate
the db.

3) I pointed SiteOK's db via settings.php to the db of SiteBroken. (Tabs now
don't show in SiteOk)

4) I pointed SiteBroken's db via settings.php to the db of SiteOk. (Tabs now
show find in SiteBroken)

Now I thought it might be a formatting issue with a header? So I erased all
headers and slogans. (Tabs still don't show)

The site looks and run perfectly fine except for one very small annoyance
which might be related. On each of the following add pages I get the word
"Consume!" where I should see the type of item being added, also on these
pages "Consume!" is showing up in my Title Bar of the browser. The pages


admin/build/views/add (on this page the word Consume! does not show on the
page or in the title bar)

I've exhausted everything I can think of. Any suggestions on what I look for

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