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skessler at denverdataman.com skessler at denverdataman.com
Mon Jun 14 13:19:03 UTC 2010

The problem is that when I go to the relationships in views I dont have
those relevant fields available to me.

How does views decide what you can reference? Can I force views to let me
reference more?


> I struggle with relationships a little bit, but basically creating the
> relationship just links the two nodes via the node id used in the node
> reference field. Once that relationship is in place though you should be
> able to pull fields from the related node (such as the surname you
> mention) and then you can sort on it. When you add the surname it will
> ask you if you want to use a relationship with it.
> The video in the first link below is a great primer and the second one
> goes into a bit more detail.
> http://gotdrupal.com/videos/drupal-views-relationships
> http://drewish.com/node/127
> Anthony.
> On 6:59 AM, Steve Kessler wrote:
>> I have a resource node type that references the author(s) of the post
>> via a node reference CCK field. The authors are not necessarily still
>> living or using the site so they are just an author node type that has
>> nothing to do with Drupal users. We want to be able to sort the
>> resources by authors last name that is stored in the node for the
>> author.
>> Right now the node reference is based on title which is a
>> concatenation of the title, first name, last name and suffix fields so
>> it would be hard to write a regular expression to do this off of the
>> title. We have examples of authors with and without middle names for
>> example.
>> I was thinking I could just create a relationship and then sort on the
>> relationship but I don’t see this as an option in views.
>> Thanks,
>> Steve
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