[themes] Tango iconset: Default for drupal, is NOT GPL.

Vladimir Zlatanov vlado at dikini.net
Wed May 31 07:57:39 UTC 2006

> I'm wondering if we're not trying to apply mileage standards to  
> bicycles. As far as I know, the GPL is about software, not about images.
I think you are so right here.

Icon sets are a tricky problem. We could:

a) provide an own default set
b) borrow one and fork it so it resides in drupal cvs
c) provide packaging and naming guidelines
d) provide a script[s] to automatically convert from known 
   collections - gnome, kde (AFAIK they should conform to the
   freedesktop.org standards)

As you can see the above are not strictly alternatives, there is 
an overlap.

For images, documentation and similar material I think we should
allow other types of licenses, but this needs to be thought through
carefully. We don't want complications in the long run. 

I would suggest that adopting the Debian policy will make a lot of
sense in this case. It is a long document, but it makes sense to avoid
the lengthy flames wich lurk below the surface.

The key, IMO, "free to use, modify and distribute" without any 
restrictions is the important bit. The license itself can be
under Creative Commons, not all variants, GPL, FreeBSD documentation
license, LDP, public domain, whatever as long as the above trinity 
is guaranteed.

My two and a half bits


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