[translations] translation status vs. cvs?

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Sat Oct 21 16:11:15 UTC 2006



On this page there is a column which is about the CVS version. First 
question is what CVS version is this about? If it is the TRUNK, then 
there is no point in measuring this.

We employ a policy of putting out strings to translate when versions are 
'close to ready'. The strings in the TRUNK are 7 months old(!). IMHO we 
should not encourage people to take these strings as a base for 
translation, as it is worthless to do so. Also, we are not going to 
update these strings, as we will commit new strings into the Drupal 5 
branch, Drupal 6 branch, etc onwards.

What I would like to say with this is that we should do these things IMHO:

  - remove these .pot files from the CVS TRUNK
  - remove the CVS column from that table on the status page
  - do not add the 5.0 column yet, since we are not providing templates
    for this version yet, and people should not start translation now


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