[consulting] Hiring: Experienced Drupal Developer / Consultant

Barry Jaspan barry at jaspan.org
Thu Dec 7 01:07:21 UTC 2006


If you are still looking for a Drupal developer, I am interested in 
talking to you about the project.  You can learn more about me at 
<http://jaspan.com/about> and see some things I've written on the 
site as well.  I can provide references, etc., also.



At 02:36 PM 11/29/2006, you wrote:
>We're seeking an experienced Drupal consultant/developer to assist and
>lead our team of developers in migrating our site. We're looking for
>someone who's probably a core developer or major contributor with
>extensive knowledge of Drupal.
>We're an established Canadian animation company that produces several
>series. We're developing a website to showcase our work and grow an
>online audience. We'll be serving a lot of flash video content via the
>site and by publishing feeds (RSS, iTunes, Democracy Player, etc). We're
>looking for a solution to manage and streamline our content management
>and delivery.
>We're also looking into http://www.tunaspecial.com/?p=162 as a solution
>for user-submitted content.
>Check out http://www.ilaugh.com -- the site isn't widely established
>yet, so there's some flexibility. Interested developers would be able to
>provide some sort of estimate and suggestions as well as rates (flat +
>(send responses to jking at marchentertainment dot com).
>All the best and thank you for your time!
>James King
>March Entertainment
>276 King Street West, Suite 301
>Toronto, Ontario
>M5V 1J2
>Phone: (416) 604-9000 x274
>Fax:      (416) 977-1485
>Email:  jking at marchentertainment.com
>www.ilaugh.com - The Sweetest Comedy Portal on Earth
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